Lazy Americans


Disabled Americans and lazy Americans are the only two sub-categories of jobless Americans. We are being lead to believe that our economy is failing and the solution is a new economic system, but this is a lie. There is no economic or unemployment crisis in America. There is only a crisis of laziness.

Now laziness is a very wonderful thing in the eyes of the left because it enables them to further their goals without interference. Get everyone on the dole, turn America into a socialist nation, and effect communism. That’s their plan, and its working because Americans are lazy.

One can simply drive down the street and he will see a thousand and one “Now Hiring” signs. Indeed, it seems there are more job openings than jobs. Nearly every business owner is on the hunt for quality employees. But how hard are these good team members to find! Lazy Americans muddy the waters by their halfhearted, occasional participation in the workforce.

This is all very sad to see, but the solution is so very simple. Parents must simply teach their children to be valuable members of society. When one views his self as valuable he respects himself. When one respects himself he will never be lazy. So please, get up, you lazy Americans, and have some respect for yourselves.


One thought on “Lazy Americans

  1. Theres a maxim that says 20% of employees will do 80% of the work. Its rare to see the 20% rewarded unless they speak up. Usually, though, that 20% is, whether they recognize it or not, imbued with a sense of the Divine Virtue of Caritas– hence their productivity. Employers are caught between labor laws and unemployment fees which keep them eerily bound to the 80% because of the expense involved in getting rid of the unproductive.

    I spoke up at my job, respectfully of course and was rewarded for it. If only employers also had the VIRTUE of Caritas they’d solve many of their own productivity issues, and wages might rise and the better employees would stay on.

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