Weather the Weather!


Whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot, we’ll weather the weather whatever the weather whether we like it or not.

Why do we so often complain of the weather!? Our climate is dictated by an infinitely just and infinitely wise God who is capable of nothing but infinite goodness. Though the weather may be at times disagreeable to us personally, it is always for our own benefit. For God does nothing without some good end in mind.

Why not acknowledge this instead of complaining? All the griping in the world cannot move the thermostat a single degree, nor can it prevent one drop of rain. The truly Christian attitude is one of total subjection to God’s Holy Will. And if that infinitely wise Will is sometimes at odds with our own, why not abandon ourselves in favor of infinite wisdom?

Never complain of the weather, dear reader, but thank God every single day for His beautiful creation which is so minutely governed by His infinitely beautiful self.


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