Ask, and Receive


Perhaps the reason for many unanswered prayers is that we’re asking for too little. Our God is an infinitely powerful one, and it can be quite an insult to Him if our requests are always the bare minimum.

Instead of praying for assistance with one particular fault, why not ask God to help us overcome all of our faults? Instead of praying to somehow save our souls, why not ask God to make us the greatest of all His saints? Instead of praying for one poor sinner, why not ask the conversion of the entire world?

God has certainly never placed any limits on the power of prayer. In fact, He has told us simply to ask and we shall receive. He has promised that whatsoever we ask of Him, He will give. Why do we find it so hard to believe His infallible words? We must pray with confidence, dear reader, to this almighty and omnipotent God.


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