Utility of Adversity


How wonderful is adversity! Though we often cry and complain when faced with it, adversity is God’s greatest blessing.

God perfectly understands the depravity of man and how, when left to our own devices, we forget our Creator almost instantly. So He calls us to Himself by sending our way trials and afflictions. For when encountering adversity, our thoughts easily turn towards heaven. Crosses require strength if they are to be borne, and where does man receive his strength but from above?

If we faced no adversity, what need would man have for God? Our earthly lives would be our consolation, and our Creator would receive no love. Adversity, then, is a gift from God by which He calls His beloved to Himself. Accept adversity, and embrace your Lover.


One thought on “Utility of Adversity

  1. Well said. Thank you for sharing. I can relate so much. My life is full of adversities and full of blessings. It built my character. All praises to our Lord almighty!

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