Love: Man Vs. Woman


A man can love something about a woman. He can love her because she is beautiful, good, or funny. He can love her because of a wonderful experience he had with her, or he can love her simply because of the way of she makes him feel.

A woman never gives reasons for her love. She gives her self. A woman does not love something about a man, she loves everything about him. She gives herself entirely to him.

A man is very quick to love. He can fall into love with a woman almost the instant he first lays his eyes on her. As soon as he finds something to love about a woman, he is in love.

A woman is very slow to love. In order to ensure she loves everything about a man, she must take her time. She must thoroughly examine every aspect of her potential spouse to determine if he be worthy of her love.

It is no great thing for a man to fall in love. He needs no prompting nor time. His love is easily given and retracted with very minimal consequences. His love requires very little sacrifice as it comes and goes based on the whims of his passions.

It is a very great thing for a woman to fall in love. She must make a very calculated decision to love, and it is not a decision easily unmade. When a woman decides to love, she makes a commitment of her whole self. She is saying to her man that she is prepared to serve him in his every need until their dying day. If such a momentous decision has to be retracted, the results are catastrophic. This love is no mere passion as it is with the man, but it is a very definite movement of the will towards a very good end. A woman’s love is the strongest force on earth, and it is not something to be taken lightly.

Considering these things, it seems clear that the love of a woman is more pure and preferable to that of a man. But this is not to say that the love of a man has no place. On the contrary, it has its very definite purpose in God’s plan as the perfect counterpart to the love of a woman. Still, men should learn from women in this regard. It is a woman’s love that most resembles God’s love. As a woman gives her whole and entire self to her man, God gave His only begotten Son to His children. We should all strive for a love like this.


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