How to Pray for Money

“Either give me so much money that my heart will be satisfied, or inspire me with such contempt for it that I no longer want it. Either free me from poverty, or make it so pleasant for me that I would not exchange it for all the wealth in the world. Either take away my … More How to Pray for Money


An Easy Life?

Suffering in its essence is repugnant to our human nature. We naturally run from it. We always want to seek an easy life. But if we acquire and lead this easy life, what reward can there be for that? Every mature adult will admit that pain is typically a prerequisite for pleasure. If we wish … More An Easy Life?


What reward can there be for loving those who love us? Similarly, what reward can there be for doing good and avoiding evil when it is easy to do good and avoid evil? A man is defined by how he conducts himself in times of adversity. It is during these inevitable rough patches of life … More Adversity

Tied Down?

There are those in the world today who say that marriage should be postponed and even avoided in order to avoid becoming “tied down.” Liberty is our most prized possession, we are told, and to commit to a single, life-long spouse would be awfully detrimental. Now it is true that the married person does lose … More Tied Down?