Immigration: Q & A

Question: Why is the American left so intent on feigning charity by welcoming unlimited immigrants and refugees into our country? Answer: If there is one thing the left hates, it is America and what she is supposed to stand for–goodness and truth. The left has worked tirelessly for many years in an attempt to destroy this good … More Immigration: Q & A

Civil War?

Very often, an argument in favor of immigration will go something like this. “My family were immigrants, this country was built by immigrants, and therefore we must protect immigrants.” Such a silly line of reasoning misses one essential concept. Just because a thing is good does not mean it is good in perpetuity. Indeed, Americans do … More Civil War?

The Immigration Issue

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A college friend once asked, “What right do we have to seal our borders and tell people they cannot enter our country? We?all equally inhabit the Earth, and we just happened to be born in this land, so we cannot morally keep people out of a land that we have no…

Muslim Ban

There has been an uproar over President Trump’s recent “Muslim Ban,” so let’s take this opportunity to lay down one quick clarifying principle. As a sovereign nation, we have the right to deny entrance into our country to any individual or group of individuals we see fit. And we don’t even have to offer an … More Muslim Ban

Immigration Reprieve

Perhaps the most common stance on immigration could be summed up in this way: “If you want to come to our country, fine. Just make sure you do it legally.” While it is easy to empathize with this line of thinking, there is actually a very serious flaw contained therein. America is known as the great melting … More Immigration Reprieve