John L. Stoddard

In his fantastic book, Rebuilding a Lost Faith, author John L. Stoddard examines the incredible facts concerning the life of Christ: Born in a manger; of a lowly origin; dwelling for thirty years not only in a conquered country, but in Galilee, — an insignificant province of that country, and in one of the obscurest … More John L. Stoddard

The Real Problem

Josh Duggar has shocked the world over the course of the past few months by admitting to some of the most terrible sins of impurity. Many people are claiming that Josh is a hypocrite and bad Christian, thus implying that his faith should have prevented him from such crimes. But perhaps Josh’s faith is precisely what caused … More The Real Problem

A Response

Of all the commentary on the recent Charleston shooting, perhaps the most intriguing comes from one David Noise, writing on In his article, Noise attempts to make the case that “anti-intellectualism” and the abandonment of reason are to blame not only for the Charleston tragedy, but also for what he terms, “the killing of … More A Response