Shopping Malls and Hell


Against my better judgment, my wife and I recently visited our local shopping mall. It had been several months since our last visit, and we quickly discovered that things have changed for the worse. As we made our way through the crowded stores, I had an interesting thought. This must be what Hell is like.

Every vice was on display in this shopping center. The immodest and impure stores are the largest in the entire mall, and they proudly flaunt advertisements with their immoral models in a way that no one can avoid. The clothing stores all contain the most bizarre assortment of ridiculous “styles” imaginable. Seeing people actually wear these strange outfits reminded me of some sort of perverted devils.

Speaking of the people in the mall, they reminded of a sermon my parish priest once gave. “Without God, there is only confusion,” he said. I witnessed this firsthand as the hordes ran amuck soaking in the shallowness of consumerism. Long lines were the norm as customers couldn’t wait to get their hands on the latest immoral gadgets and fashions.

My wife and I eventually made our way down to the food court and were met with screaming children running wild as obese parents stuffed themselves with more greasy concoctions than they could possibly afford. The unhealthiest restaurants had the longest lines as people continually forked over money to finance their inevitable heart attacks. We quickly decided to skip the food court and save our money by eating at home.

As we made our way towards the exit we were greeted by throngs of children, barely in their teens, gleefully rushing towards the confused masses in the stores. I couldn’t help but wonder what their parents were doing. How could any mother or father allow their child free reign in such a dangerous place? Are parents too concerned with their own professional careers to focus on the most important task of protecting children from evil?


Needless to say, our short adventure in the mall was an unpleasant one. The bitter cold air outside was a welcome change to the revolting atmosphere my wife and I had just experienced. As we drove away I couldn’t help but realize that these shopping malls represent everything that is wrong with American society. Nobody cares about morals or ethics any longer. Antiquated concepts such as good and evil are no longer a part of our culture. Any action, no matter how evil, can easily be justified as a means to an end. I dread the day that American society must face the consequences of the evil it has sown. Will we even notice the warning signs of God’s impending justice, or will we all be too busy buying the latest fashions and selling our immortal souls at the local shopping mall?


6 thoughts on “Shopping Malls and Hell

  1. Oh man! You are a really disgusting human being. This entire blog is so hateful, filled with judgments and criticisms that are honestly sickening. Worst of all, you hide behind the curtain of Christianity in an attempt to justify your awful claims. There is absolutely no way that Jesus would support the Holier-Than-Thou drivel you publish on this site. I hope that you someday take a moment to acknowledge the lives of those around you, attempt to exercise some compassion for people who are less privileged than you are (and, as a white man in America, you are very, very privileged), and learn to love your fellow humans (all of them– even the Muslims, people of color, those who have gotten abortions, etc.) instead of hate them, as you so obviously do.

    But honestly, delete this site.

      1. In this article alone, you refer to people as “perverted devils” and you blanketly call everyone in a mall food court “obese”– and those are just the direct insults in this short piece alone. I think disgusting is rather tame compared to your insults. Also, we don’t have simply “differing” views. You have sexist, mysognistic, and literally incorrect views. How can you speak against abortion as a form of child murder when many people who receive abortions are doing so so that they won’t die, along with their baby? Your ideals are archaic and dangerous. I think you speaking out so passionately against providing women basic reproductive rights is frightening, and the tone with which you do so is hateful and, yes, disgusting. I don’t know you, I’m sure you’re charismatic enough, it seems like you have a very nice family, but it scares me that there are people like you who truly believe the awful things that you do. I am a Christian too but– wow. I would never use the teachings of God to promote such hateful, hateful rhetoric as you. God said to love others as he has loved us. I suppose you believe that our God hates women (and fat people, according to this article) then.

      2. It isn’t hateful to discourge people from doing things that will cause them harm. In fact, it’s the opposite of hate. If your child was playing in the street, wouldn’t you scream from the rooftops in an attempt to get their attention? That’s all I’m doing here. The only difference between you and I is that you view things like abortion and homosexuality as perfectly harmless, whereas I view them as grave evils. Your objection is not with my tactics, but rather with my objectives.

      3. And here you go, speaking for me and telling me what problems I have with you. Perhaps if you actually read what I’m writing with an open-mind, we could have a more effective discussion. However, it seems like you’re not interested in listening to anyone who doesn’t look like you and have the exact same problems, ideas, and opinions as you.

        Also, I never said abortion is harmless. You have clearly never known someone to have to go through the strife of an abortion, but it seems like you have a ton of opinions on it. Additionally, I never even mentioned homosexuality or my stance on it.

        I wish you luck with your blog. You keep writing what you believe, even though it seems like I’m one of the only readers to interact with you. I hope you enjoy living your small life. Goodbye.

      4. Thanks for the encouragement, Claire. I’m sorry you feel the way you do, but honestly I actually do love listening to those with differing views. I love to debate anything of real substance.

        As far as me being close-minded, I admit that on certain topics I will not even entertain the idea of changing my beliefs. But that’s only because I know my views are true, e.g. abortion is murder. You really can’t criticize me there though, because we all do this on a daily basis. We all know the Earth is round and will not even consider any other explanation. I am more certain that all abortion is murder than I am convinced that the world is round.

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