Why we are conservatives


Throughout my life I have identified as a conservative. I have always known that higher taxes are a very bad thing; that minimum wage should not be increased; and that the government should be as small as possible. I have always accepted these things to be true, but I couldn’t give you many reasons why. I couldn’t formulate my own beliefs because I didn’t have a guiding principle. I simply waited for the conservative leaders to tell me something was good or bad, and then I happily agreed without asking many questions. I accepted that I was a conservative, but I couldn’t tell you why. After a recent epiphany of sorts, I have finally discovered why I am a conservative, and my belief is that this will apply to many like me who simply accept their party’s viewpoints without knowing the reasons why.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last year, and he was asked why there was so much focus on social issues. Cruz quickly replied that his main focus was on jobs and the economy, and then proceeded to solidify this point by repeating it multiple times. Is that why we have politicians–to give us jobs? That’s it? Watching this interview, I was reminded of Marx’s desire for people to simply be economic animals and nothing more. Mr. Cruz was wrong to have his focus directed on “jobs jobs jobs”, and I now understand why.

The main reason that we have conservative principles is because they are in accordance with God’s principles. Conservatives clamor for lower taxes and less government not necessarily because the alternative hurts the economy, but because it offends Almighty God. This has to be the driving principle for good politicians. Our human laws have to be in accordance with God’s laws, and harmony will always follow.

Using this formula, conservative beliefs and values hold much more weight. We must not lose sight of why we are conservatives. Our main goal cannot be jobs or the economy. The driving force behind every good politician has to be the desire for the establishment of God’s reign on Earth. If this were the case, many issues would be much more clear cut and easier to defend. If we focus on the triumph of goodness, the triumph of our nation will surely ensue.


3 thoughts on “Why we are conservatives

    1. Eh, I don’t really even consider myself a conservative anymore. I see it as merely a reflex philosophy with no particular strengths. But to answer your question I’m not a huge fan of any. I’d say Rush has to top the list because he provides such a unique and insightful perspective on every matter, but his manifest immorality is a stumbling block for me. Glenn Beck used to be a big influence in my life because of his incredibly big heart, but the poor man is so misled that he’s gone off the deep end into the crazy pool. Hannity is okay with his passion and energy, but again his immorality is a problem. I also do not like his unhealthy obession with and over-indulgence in trivial politics. Dinesh Dsouza has a brilliant mind and teaches incredible lessons, but yet again the manifest immorality of his lifestyle renders his message nearly ineffective. Ann Counter is useful as a source for one to learn polemics and methods of retorting liberals, but her lack of charity and ridiculous vulgarity make her almost unbearable. Dennis Prager seems to have a good heart but is way off base due to his Jewish influences. Matt Walsh is great because of his unwavering love for the truth, but he unfortunately has no real guide. He stumbles about trying to be a lover of truth while unknowingly remaining outside the real Catholic Church which is the harborer of all truths. I pray he’ll find his way home where he belongs. Ben Shapiro is smart, funny, and clever, but again his Jewish background has him deceived. The whole “Liberals are so stupid and I’m going to bash them all day long in the most cruel manner possible because I’m so superior and smart” shtick is quite the turnoff.

      Hmm, those are probably the ones I’m most familiar with. Haha was that more than you bargained for?

  1. That is quite a list. To answer your question about it being more than I bargained for: Absolutely not. Glenn Beck going into the crazy pool-I see some merit to that. However, I pay little attention to him. My 3 favorite talk show hosts are Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. Dinesh D’Souza living a lifestyle based on immorality-that is somewhat surprising to me. I am not saying that you are wrong, however, that detail is new to me. Can you clarify? Ann Coulter being vulgar-that is an area that I agree with you on.

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