Government: A Necessary Good

Perhaps it is time for Americans to take a radical new view of our government. We are becoming all too familiar with the never-ending verbal attacks against our incompetent leaders, but these attacks accomplish very little. In fact, they often make matters much worse. The pessimism that is typically behind expressions of disgust breeds despair and inaction. How will any good Americans ever rise up and take our government back if we are disgusted with the current state of things to the point where we want nothing to do with politics? Just this week I had a friend tell me that he never wants to delve into politics because it is all simply too depressing. Anything political automatically turns him off and makes him run. The American people are saturated with this attitude, but it has to stop. It is time for all good Americans to rise up, take a stand, and demand our government stop its immoral overreach into every aspect of our lives. How do we start this process? By viewing government as a necessary good.

Our American government is too often characterized as a necessary evil, and there are two problems with this. The first is that this viewpoint is entirely pessimistic, and it actively discourages any good people from participating in government. Why would any good American want to be involved with something that was evil? If we tell our children that our government is evil, won’t they grow up despising it? That is a recipe for national disaster.

The second problem with our government being characterized as evil is that it simply isn’t true. Sure, many, even most, people within the ranks of our government are themselves evil, but our government itself is actually a very good thing. People are meant to live together harmoniously together in society, and this cannot happen without government. James Madison was wrong when he claimed that no government would be necessary if men were angels. Government is always necessary in any society. Men are made by God to be subject to His divine authority. Earthly authority is a symbol of God’s authority, and we must learn to submit ourselves to the various forms of Earthly authority in order to prove that we are willing to submit to God’s ultimate authority. All Earthly authority comes from God, and government is no different. Government, in and of itself is a very good thing because it has authority that comes from God. We have to have more respect for that authority if we ever hope to change course with our government here in America.

This may be easier said than done, especially given the fact that the very people in authority have no respect for their authority. I will certainly never be one to advocate giving our politicians a free pass because we have some distorted view of respect, nor will I share the position of a friend who routinely says, “I’m sure they’re all just trying to do what they think is best for us.” But I will always maintain that we need to have more respect for the politicians’ offices. It is possible and absolutely essential that we always vet and thoroughly examine each individual we elect to hold any position of authority within our government, while simultaneously having a deep respect for their position.

So how do we have respect for our government even when most of the politicians holding public office are themselves the very epitome of evil? The answer is simply to be an optimist. That is really one of the most essential requirements to being a good American citizen. When we are optimistic, we have hope. When we have hope, we believe that things and change, and when we believe that things can change, we find a way to make those changes come to fruition. The worst possible attitude that any American could ever have is one of despair and disgust with our government. This position can only possibly make matters worse by actively discouraging any citizen from attempting to change things for the better. I have said it many times, and it is still true that pessimism breeds inaction, while optimism has the exact opposite effect.

Another point to consider when tempted with despair is that that attitude would play right into the hands of our current, power-hungry, politicians. How many times have our leaders told us that their work is just too complicated for us to understand, so we simply need to trust them and grant free reign? Could anyone honestly say that our current politicians want the American people to be more involved and more heavily scrutinize their work? Why do we see a total lack of transparency with nearly every aspect of government? Of course the answer here is that our current politicians want the American people to be completely detached from politics, so that they can be about their immoral business without our constant interference. So anyone who is ready to give up on our government because it is too corrupt is giving our evil politicians exactly what they want.

When we begin to view government as an intrinsically good institution with authority that comes from God, our entire perspective will change from one rooted in pessimism and inaction, to one that is founded upon optimism and the desire for positive actions. Only when this happens will we see our American government begin to change for the better. Goodness always triumphs over evil, so no matter the portion of good Americans left today, if we simply stand up and start the fight to turn our beloved government into the beautiful institution that God intends it to be, we will have Him on our side, and we will surely find success. Let us all work together to change our attitude, and the next time we are tempted to despair the pitiable state of things in America, let us stop and reflect upon the beauty of God’s perfect plan for our government, and finally let us begin to put that plan into action.


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