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Donald Trump is catching a lot of flak today for his remarks about John McCain: “He’s a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” In his speech, Trump essentially said that McCain is not a real war hero. Predictably, the media is going nuts, and even many conservative commentators are distancing themselves from such such disrespectful views of our military personnel. But is there not possibly a nugget of truth here to what Trump is saying? Of course we must respect and honor our military members as a whole for their one of a kind sacrifice, but do we have to pretend like every member of the military is a great American? Many Americans voluntarily enroll in the military because they want to protect and defend our great country. They understand the sacrifices required, and they fully accept them. These people are true heroes, but what about the other kind of people in the military? Consider how many members of our military are only there because of their inability to perform in any other area of society. Often the most unruly, angry, and impatient members of society join the military simply as a means of finding purpose in their lives. Many members of the military join without the slightest intention of truly fighting for and defending their country. Are these true American heroes? John McCain, despite his military service, is no American hero. John McCain is not a good American. He is a pro-abortion, remarried divorcee who has no morals. Someone without morals cannot be a good American. John McCain  is not a good American, and thus cannot be an American hero in any sense of the term. Even if he did dutifully fight for his country abroad, he has diligently worked to destroy his country from the inside by his own immoral actions.


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