Good for America?


If we needed any further proof that Donald Trump is a vile and vicious man, his ongoing feud with Megyn Kelly has given added testament to that fact. In Mr. Trump we have an immature, egotistical, and childish bully who perfectly illustrates the antithesis of what we should want our children to be. Yet that being said, his case is still intriguing. Donald Trump is not a good man, but perhaps this new movement inspired by him is a very good thing. America will never change if we continue to elect tired old politicians who care nothing about our future. Trump provides Americans with an alternative to that path, and we are loving it. People suddenly care about politics when this celebrity is involved. Perhaps this is exactly the spark that we need to spur us to make changes to our political ruling class. Trump’s message that “our politicians are stupid” has resonated with the American people in a way that has seemingly awoken them to actually do something about it. Donald Trump may not be a good man, but he may be exactly what we need. God often uses the greatest evil as a way to bring about the greatest good. Perhaps we need the crude, crass, and coarse Donald Trump to jolt us awake, and then we could deserve a real leader of the noble cause to make America great again.


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