Emails or Murders?


With the ongoing email scandal looking daily worse for Mrs. Clinton, it seems that her presidential campaign could be all but finished. It is hard to believe that of all the evil this woman has accomplished, the one thing that sets Americans over the edge is a little email scandal. Of course her incompetent and likely criminal actions were a big deal, and she should be headed to jail after such an episode. But how is using a private server for classified emails worse than her fanatical zeal she shows in support of abortion? Isn’t murder worse than sending classified emails on a private server? Not even the most guarded American secrets being published could never endanger our country more than abortion. If Hillary Clinton gave away classified information that presents a national security risk, we merely have the wrath of foreign countries to face; whereas our national support for abortion means that we have the wrath of God to deal with. We need to realize that murders are worse than emails, and then send every pro-abortion politician packing–especially Hillary Clinton.


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