Thank You, Marco Rubio


One week ago Marco Rubio made what was perhaps the greatest statement from a politician in this writer’s lifetime. Speaking with CNN on the topic of abortion, Rubio said, “I’m happy that my faith influences my political position because my faith teaches me to care for the needy. My faith teaches me to respect and love even my enemies. My faith teaches me to forgive those who slight me. People should hope that my faith influences my political position.” This beautiful idea has been waiting to be conveyed for the entire last century and beyond.

Marco Rubio identifies as a Catholic, and while his actions often seem to contradict that label, he appears to perfectly understand the superiority of the Christian religion. Contrast the above quote with the weak, wobbly, and wavering attitude of John F. Kennedy towards his supposedly Catholic beliefs. Kennedy told America that he would never let his faith influence his politics, and he was in fact perfectly happy to give precedence to politics over religion. We have today, unfortunately, an entire political class composed of JFKs. Rubio, on the other hand, seems to understand the simple truth that Christianity must be the guiding light behind any political decision we ever make as a country.

This idea is so simple, yet so rarely expressed. So-called separation of church and state is the order of the day, and that is precisely what has caused our America to decay. We need a leader who will infuse church back into the state. Religion is the only cure for the cultural rot which has dismantled our society, but not just any religion will do. The only religion capable of actually curing our society is the only religion which is actually true. And that of course could only be the religion which the personification of truth Himself came to Earth to establish. So yes, Mr. Rubio, we do hope that Christianity influences not just your own personal political positions, but also those of all of your fellow politicians.


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