The Worst Planned Parenthood Argument?


Probably the worst argument in favor of Planned Parenthood is that their business offers other services besides abortions. A counter-protester once told a friend, “They do other things besides abortions, you know? You guys are wasting your time protesting here.” Now this writer is no psychologist or anything of the sort, but hasn’t every evil organization in the history of the world done “other things?” If Planned Parenthood really offers other services that are worthwhile (extremely doubtful), no pro-lifers are protesting that aspect of the organization. No one is protesting Planned Parenthood inasmuch as they are protesting the murder and subsequent sale of innocent children. This silly argument that Planned Parenthood offers other services and therefore should not be defunded is an implicit acknowledgment that abortion is wrong, but it is also completely pointless. Hitler’s Nazis offered other services besides the attempted extinguishing of the Jewish race, so by the same logic we should never have fought Hitler. The next time someone attempts to use this illogical argument, let’s remind them of that fact, and also explain that if Planned Parenthood simply ceased to provide this one so-called service of abortion, there would be a lot less protesting.


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