Truth Versus Lies


Kim Davis is officially on her way to jail because she refuses to comply with the laws of the land. Judges say that her religious objections do not permit her the right to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples. A recent Huffington Post article reflects this view with it’s title, “Can Sarah Palin be Denied a Hunting License Based on Religious Beliefs?” This type of logic is the direct result of our ridiculous American obsession with so-called freedom of religion and separation of church and state. There is no such thing as freedom of religion, and the church can never be separated from the state. These forgotten truths are why we have the Kim Davis saga today.

God Himself came to Earth and established one single religion that all mankind was commanded to follow under pain of eternal death. God does not force us to accept this religion during our time here on Earth, but how insane are those people who run around saying we have the freedom to practice any religion we want!? How blind those poor souls must be that they are willing to exchange a few infinitesimal moments of so-called freedom on Earth for an eternity of never-ending suffering and death. No, America, we are not free to choose any religion we want. We are commanded under pain of everlasting punishment to accept and follow the one true religion which was established by our Lord Himself.

The truth that church cannot be separated from state is the link that ties freedom of religion to the Kim Davis story. Religion is an all-encompassing facet of life. Someone cannot practice their beliefs at home, and then turn right around and contradict those beliefs at work. This course of action serves as proof that the person doesn’t really believe what they claim to believe. Any so-called Christian who sacrifices their beliefs by separating their religion from their work is no Christian at all. If a Christian were to choose such a route, they would not be separating church from state at all; they would simply be substituting a different church to be united with the state. Despite all the different religions we encounter, there are actually only two religions in existence. One is the religion of truth, and the other is the religion of lies. It may seem strange at first, but Liberalism is absolutely a religion, and it is absolutely the religion of lies. Liberalism says that our human laws are greater than God’s divine laws, and this is the greatest lie that mankind has ever contrived.

Because Americans are incessantly clamoring for their precious freedom of religion rather than preaching the truth that there is only one true religion, we have now completely swallowed the lie that we possess the right to practice any religion we wish. And when we aren’t practicing that one true religion, we are de facto practicing the only other religion in existence–the religion of lies. So when Huffington Post asks if Sarah Pailn can be denied a hunting license based on religious beliefs, or when judges order Kim Davis to be incarcerated because she refuses to adhere to the religion of lies, they are missing the most fundamental point: We have to pick a side in the battle between truth and lies. There is no in-between. It is impossible to separate our religion from the state, so we have to choose to let either the one religion of truth be our guiding light, or we can let the religion of lies lead us down the terribly dark and chaotic path to destruction


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