Ted Cruz is Wrong


At a recent campaign stop for Ted Cruz, the presidential candidate took a question on the topic of birth control. After stating that he does not wish to ban contraceptives, Cruz said, “As I noted, Heidi and I, we have two little girls. I’m very glad we don’t have 17.” What an absolutely horrendous and scandalous statement from a man who is supposed to be the greatest conservative leader in all of America.

Besides the fact that Cruz’s ostensible support for contraceptives is wrong and immoral, his attempted use of humor to make his point is a mockery of the worst degree. Here we have a man who claims to be a Christian, yet does not respect God’s laws. By his support for contraceptives, Ted Cruz is a hypocrite. This is extremely sad to see, yet it is a further reminder of how easily our pride can blind us to the truth.

The truth? Contraceptives are evil, immoral, and wrong. Always. Period. Why? Because of the same line of reasoning that conservatives like Cruz employ so often in the same-sex marriage debate–it is unnatural. To support contraceptives is to say that God erred in giving His creations a little too much procreative power. What an insult to God to maintain that we know how many children we should have better than He knows.

The simple truth is that God will grant as many children to each couple as His eternal wisdom sees fit. Sometimes it is two, and other times it is seventeen. Is this a bad thing? Cruz implies that big families are a bad thing, yet he fails to see that so many of the American problems he is currently fighting could be solved by people simply ceasing to use contraceptives and having more children!

A flood of immigrants from third world countries have been transforming the Christian culture of America since the 1960s. Americans are dying out, and they are being replaced by third world immigrants. A big part of the solution? Americans need to have more children. Our American labor force is being weakened as its median age goes up year after year. The solution? Americans need to have more children to replenish the work force. Our society is currently producing a generation of selfish socialists. The solution? Americans need to have more children so brothers and sisters can learn generosity from each other at a young age. Our society is saturated with a gross disrespect for the life-giving procreative powers God has blessed us with. The solution? Americans need to stop divorcing the procreative act from its natural purpose. Americans need to stop making sex purely a matter of entertainment. Our families are falling apart as parents are getting divorced in record numbers. The solution? AMERICANS NEED TO HAVE MORE CHILDREN. One of the factors most indicative of a successful marriage is a large family. The number of children and the likelihood of divorce are inversely proportional.

In short, strong families are the answer to all of society’s ills, and contraceptives tear families apart. Ted Cruz is wrong for supporting these unjust devices, and the fact that he does not understand this simple truth is a serious indicator of a man incapable of leading our country back to Almighty God.



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