How to Fix the Public School System


Don’t send your kids there.

That is all.


13 thoughts on “How to Fix the Public School System

    1. Both can be okay depending on the particulars. It really just depends on what options are available. What’s clear to me is that public school is always the worst option, and a Traditional Catholic school is always the best option.

  1. Tom Naegele, the upside to home schooling is more interactivity between parents and children. The downside, at least from the standpoint of public schools, is that they have fewer children to indoctrinate.

  2. The stupidest argument against home schooling is that children are not getting a proper education. Really? Is there any real proof to that? No, because, as in most cases, children learn more and are free to dictate the pace.

  3. Agreed. Homeschooling definitely has many upsides. But it doesn’t work in every family, and the upsides of a Catholic school can often times outweigh those of the home school.

  4. Tom Naegele, given the fact that I have never been to a Catholic school, I will take your word for it. Are you familiar with the German historical figure Martin Luther by chance?

  5. Tom Nagele, pardon my ignorance, however, the claim that Martin Luther was responsible for misleading more souls than anyone in history is surprising. Can you clarify as to how he did so?

    1. He preached the false doctrine of salvation through faith alone, and it fell upon itching ears. The consequence of this doctrine is that its adherents proudly lead decadent lives under the assumption their faith has infallibily saved their soul. This line of thinking is the most dangerous idea man could dream up, and Luther has more disciples today than ever before.

  6. That is new information to me. He also claimed that the Jews of his day were practicing blasphemy against God. Any merit to the claim or was he spouting of because of anti-Semitic inclinations?

  7. Tom Naegele, I hope that my comment that indicates surprise at what you told me was not construed as being argumentative. Martin Luther preaching false doctrines-if that was the case, what do you think it will take to set the record straight for people who do not know this?

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