Unborn Human=Human


From the moment of conception, a human body and soul are fused together. A person, in every sense of the word, is formed. Zygote, blastocyte, embryo, and fetus are synonyms for personhood in precisely the same way that infant, toddler, teenager, and adult signify a living human being.

The very instant an egg is fertilized, an actual living human person is made. The tiny fertilized egg has its own unique and entire genetic makeup already completed. It is at that point a human being setting about the natural process of growth and development. The fact that this tiny life must be contained within its mother’s womb for protection has absolutely no bearing on his personhood.

Ask any member of the pro-death camp to refute this explanation and they will present precisely zero logical rebuttals. But then again, supporters of abortion, murder, and death aren’t much into logic. It’s all about what they feel. Not facts, but feelings determine everything. This explains why, when a woman wishes to keep her child, it is rightly called a child. But when she wishes to abort her child, it instantly becomes a fetus. If a woman feels like she wants her unborn child to be a child, it is a child. But if she feels like she wants to abort her unborn child, it magically becomes an nonviable tissue mass.

Regardless of our feelings, facts remain facts, and unborn children remain children.


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