What is Life?


That’s a tough question, huh?

Actually, no it’s not. The true definition of life is simply the union between body and soul. Where a soul and body are united, there is life.

Contained within this definition is the proof that abortion is the murder of an innocent life.

A man’s soul is what causes his body to develop and grow and live. The moment the soul separates from the body, decay sets in. It’s only a matter of time until the soul-less body disintegrates back into the ashes from whence it came.

Such is the power of man’s immortal soul.

It should be apparent, then, that the very instant at which conception takes place, a life is formed. A soul is united to a body, thus making growth and development possible. Without this union of body and soul, no fetal development could take place.

If a fertilized egg had no soul, it would simply decay like any other lifeless body.

But the fertilized egg does have a soul, and this plain fact is manifested by the zygote’s further growth and development.

Clearly, abortion effects the separation of that tiny body from its soul.

Clearly, abortion is murder.


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