A Fetus is a Person


From the moment of conception, a new human life is created. The very instant an egg is fertilized, the tiny zygote possesses its entire genetic make up. Everything which makes a person unique is in place. The only difference between a tiny fertilized egg and a normal human being is the size of their body.

At only 16-weeks pregnant, my wife began to feel our first daughter kick and move. From that very first kick all the way up to her current 2-year-old self, she has continued her incessant kicking and thrashing about. During that first pregnancy, if my wife set anything on her stomach, our daughter would instantly try and poke it away from inside the womb. She was a wildly active fetus who detested any semblance of restrainment.

And guess what? That tiny fetus has grown to become…exactly the same person. She is now over two-years-old, and her personality hasn’t changed a lick. She still never stops moving. She still detests being restrained. She’s still the exact same person as she was in the fetal stage.

From the moment of her conception, a specially unique human being was created.

During our second pregnancy, our newest daughter kicked and moved considerably less than our first. She didn’t seem to mind as much if my wife set anything on her stomach. She seemed much more passive than our first daughter.

And surprise, surprise, our second daughter has maintained that exact same personality through her first months outside the womb. She is considerably less active and wild than our first daughter.

Again, from the moment of her conception, a perfectly unique human being was created once again.

Fetuses are not just “non-viable tissue masses.” They are specially and perfectly unique human beings possessing God’s greatest gift of life.

Let’s treat them as such.


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