Stuck in Traffic


There aren’t many things worse than being stuck in traffic, right? Well, unfortunately, the problem isn’t getting any better. As populations continue to grow, traffic only worsens. There doesn’t seem to be any solution in sight. What can we possibly do to solve the problem?

Bring back travel by rail.

Trains and streetcars could be just the solution we need. Imagine: never being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic; never worrying about being late since times are scheduled; and never worrying about gas prices or car maintenance. Also, imagine all of the valuable hours that could be gained by using travel time more efficiently! Our undivided attention wouldn’t have to be focused on the road, and we could instead spend our daily commutes setting about more profitable endeavors like reading, studying, and working. Travel by rail would also strengthen community ties as busy community members would have time to interact with one another while traveling.

Thoughts? Objections?


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