“Daddy’s Red Hot”


As a lover of all foods spicy, my red hot sauce bottles are a familiar sight on our dinning room table. My daughter quickly caught on and even coined her own term, “Daddy’s red hot.”

Of course she always wanted me to share my red hot with her, being too young to grasp the concept of fiery flavoring. My initial response was to tell her she couldn’t have any hot sauce because it’s yucky. But then I had a thought.

Why should I lie to her? After all, if hot sauce was so yucky, why would I be using it? Should I lead her to believe that her foolish father freely feeds on foul foods fully for fun?

No. Instead, I decided to tell her the truth. “You can’t have any because it’s too hot for you. It’s only for Daddy.” She still insisted for a time, but she quickly learned to accept that Daddy’s red hot is just for Daddy.

It may seem like no important matter, but honesty is the best policy, as they say. From here on out, I have decided to stick with the truth. And who knows, maybe some day “Daddy’s red hot” will become “Daughter’s red hotter.”


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