Francis the Liberal-Part II


In his work Liberalism is a Sin, Fr. Felix writes that, “To effect a confusion of ideas is an old scheme of the devil…to cloud and distort the proper sense of words is a fruitful artifice of Satan, and it is easy to lay snares for the intellectually proud as for the innocent.”

How true are these words, and how fittingly are they applied to Francis the liberal. The world would have us know him as Francis the humble, whereas in reality he’s anything but.

True to his liberal self, Francis clouds and distorts the proper sense of words to give the false impression of humility. He refuses to accept traditional papal dignities and constantly speaks of a “decentralized” church. He wants to decrease papal authority in an attempt to allow the Church to function in a more “bottom up” manner. He wants to take power from the papal throne and disperse it amongst the faithful. How humble, right?


Would we call it humility if a father attempted to decentralize the authority he lawfully holds over his children in an attempt to run the family via a “bottom up” structure? Of course not. The very idea of children having authority over their parents is ludicrous.

True humility is the virtue by which we know and accept our proper place in creation. If a man validly occupies the chair of Peter as the visible head of Christ’s Church, should he not be the single most dignified individual on Earth? To refuse papal dignities is to insult the papal office. The dignities are not intended for Francis personally, but rather for his office.

By his refusal of papal dignities and disdain for legitimate papal authority, Francis is actually manifesting the very opposite of humility, pride. Where humility enables us to accept our position in life, pride forces us to rebel. Francis the proud has repeatedly rebelled against what is supposed to be his rightful position as vicar of Christ.

Clearly, Francis is not the humble man the world makes him out to be. He attempts to makes a mockery of the papal throne and manifests his liberalism in the process. Francis the humble, we may be led to believe. But no, Francis the liberal it remains.


2 thoughts on “ Francis the Liberal-Part II

  1. Letting the Church function in a “bottom up” fashion and dispersing papal power amongst the faithful is a description of a flock without a good shepherd, resulting in thieves and wolves stealing, killing and scattering the flock.

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