Francis the Liberal-Part III


To more clearly expose Francis the liberal, we return to Fr. Felix and his powerful work, Liberalism is a Sin. In describing the symptoms of one infected with the disease of liberalism, Fr. Felix writes thus,

From the Gospel he is careful to cite only those texts flavored with milk and honey. The terrible invectives of Our Lord against Pharisaism astonish and confound him; they seem to be an excess of language on the part of our Divine Saviour! He reserves these denunciatory texts to use against those provoking Ultramontanes who every day compromise, by their exaggerated and harsh language, the cause of a religion that he thinks should be all peace and love. Against them his Liberalism, ordinarily so sweet and gentle, grows bitter and violent. Against them his zeal flames up, his polemics grow sharp, and his charity becomes aggressive.

Could there be a more accurate description of our liberal Francis? The poor man constantly attempts to explain away the harsh words of Our Lord towards sinners, yet simultaneously employs the most harsh language possible against “rigid” Catholics.

Francis views his church as one capable of only peace, love, and we must add, mercy. There is no room for judgement of sins because, after all, “who am I to judge?”

Recall that, “To effect a confusion of ideas is an old scheme of the devil.” Francis certainly has effected a confusion of ideas by clouding and distorting the proper sense of peace, love, and most especially, mercy. The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy which recently came to a close highlights Francis’ obsession with his distorted views. During the Jubilee, grave sins such as abortion and adultery have been marginalized ostensibly under the auspices of mercy. To Francis the liberal, mercy means shirking his supposed office as father of the faithful.

There is no doubt that Francis fits the liberal bill in every aspect. His terrible disease is on display for all who wish to see. Simply examine the transcripts of any papal verbiage from Francis, and the liberalism is evident.

Francis the liberal, he is.



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