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This blog is not politically correct. (Some would say this blog is not correct about much of anything, but that’s neither here nor there…) The goal on this site is not to speak harmless platitudes with which everyone agrees, but rather to challenge the status quo.

Thus the provocative titles. Thus the inflammatory statements. Thus the hard truths. Thus the blunt language. Thus the generalizations.

Nuance and empathy are not this writer’s forte, nor are they his objective. Extremely short and extremely controversial writings are this blog’s M.O. The point is to encourage readership, to encourage thought, and to encourage discussion. Very long, detailed, and well-researched articles do not exactly fit in here. Jarring polemics are much more in line with our goals.

Now none of this is to say that this writer does not have a heart. It is true he speaks in a most-harsh tone against the evil he perceives in the world, but it must be made clear that these are not attacks upon persons. Hate the sin and not the sinner we are told, and that is precisely our objective here. Does this writer sometimes fall short in living up to this principle? Of course. But never does he wish to assume a holier-than-thou approach. In fact, this writer is so terribly familiar with evil only because he has partaken of so much of it himself.

This writer also does not wish to convey an attitude of arrogance that assumes infallibility. Much of what is written on this blog is up for discussion. Logically and civilly prove the posts to be inaccurate, and this writer will humbly submit. The problem is that opponents will so often come out with guns blazing and spew hate all over the page. This type of behavior instantly de-legitimatizes any valid points that may have been made. Many would accuse this writer of being guilty of the same fault, but it is a fact that ad hominem name-calling is never employed on this site. The posts here are critical, harsh, and blunt, it is true, but never are they uncivil.

Finally, it must be pointed out that this writer is woefully inexperienced. He has no formal training and very little practice. To make matters worse, his very small mind takes eons to work through ideas, leading to very poorly-put together posts. What’s on his mind can often be tough to get down on paper. If any of the posts on this page offend good persons with good intentions, the author sincerely apologizes. Ultimately, his only goal with this blog is to give honor and glory to the Good God Who created him.

Thanks for reading.



4 thoughts on “This Writer

  1. On the contrary – I think your blog posts are very well thought out and that you try – sometimes in my opinion too much LOL – to give the ‘other guy’ a chance to air his or her somewhat odd ball opinions. That we should hate evil is I think a very valid opinion. The church teaches that there is no gray area – only black and white – truth or lies. To the masses who want an I’m okay, you’re okay world, this comes as quite a shock. That THEIR opinion is not as valid as the next guys?? Impossible for them to conceive. Try to tell them that only God’s opinion matters and they almost go out of their mind – how could that be??? I’ve never found your posts to be arrogant – more as if you are trying to understand and convey your understanding to the rest of us. That you are not politically correct – thank God!! We have enough politically correct opinions out there that lead people down the path of ignorance and sin. Keep up the good work! Sorry I don’t have a lot of time right now to comment – but I try to read most of the posts.

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