Are You My Mother?


Throughout her first short years of life, my daughter’s favorite book has been the children’s classic, “Are You My Mother?” This cute little book is always found to be extremely entertaining, and the reason has to be its accurate depiction of human nature.

For those unfamiliar, the story goes thus. A mother bird feels her egg about to hatch and hurries off to find some food. While mother bird is gone, baby bird hatches from his egg and instantly begins to search for his mother. He doesn’t know what his mother looks like, so he walks right by her without even noticing. Poor baby bird is repeatedly disappointed as he comes across various animals and inanimate objects and inquires if each could be his mother. At last, baby bird comes across a giant excavator which lifts him back into his nest. No sooner does baby bird land in the nest than mother bird arrives with a meal. He instantly recognizes her as his mother, and all is well.

Now what is this story but a perfect analogy for the human soul seeking after its creator!?

Baby bird hatches from his egg and instantly begins searching for his parent. He knows he must have received his existence from someone else because he is not a necessary being. His existence is contingent upon some other being. “I know I must have a mother!” he exclaims. Rational human souls are no different. “I know I must have a creator!” our soul cries out, and the search is on.

Baby bird encounters many would-be life-givers, but quickly determines each to be unsatisfactory. The human soul seeking its creator likewise encounters a plethora of impostors on its journey. Would that we were all as quick to notice their insufficiency as baby bird!

After refusing to settle for anything less than his true parent, baby bird is literally lifted up to see the truth face to face. And what is this but the gift of faith! After a long, unsuccessful journey in search of its creator, the human soul is rewarded for refusing to accept a lie. God grants the gift of faith to any honest seeker of the truth. Just like baby bird, we will be lifted from the earth and see the truth. No longer will we have to stumble about the world in a hopeless game of hide-and-seek. Our souls will be enlightened by a supernatural grace, and we will know the truth. We will know Him–our true parent.

Oh, and if we accept this truth, we really will live happier ever after.


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