American Disorder 

Everything in nature tends towards disorder. When man encounters this disorder, his reaction is often no reaction. He does nothing because he is, by his very nature, disordered himself. This explains why bad often becomes worse, and only a cataclysmic event can halt the death spiral.  Take this country, for example. The United States of … More American Disorder 

Lazy Americans

Disabled Americans and lazy Americans are the only two sub-categories of jobless Americans. We are being lead to believe that our economy is failing and the solution is a new economic system, but this is a lie. There is no economic or unemployment crisis in America. There is only a crisis of laziness. Now laziness … More Lazy Americans

Rich Americans

It never ceases to amaze me. Just the other day did I hear a top-of-the-line carpenter complaining about his vastly wealthy client. All rich people are evil snobs who steal from the poor, he cried. How ridiculous is this illogical complaint when we examine how one becomes wealthy! In America, at least, there are only … More Rich Americans

World War III?

The world is abuzz due to the growing tensions between all major countries today. The United States has already struck Syria–an ally of Russia’s–and could be on the verge of preemptively attacking North Korea–an ally of China’s. There are endless wars raging all across the Middle East, and the entire region would love nothing more … More World War III?