Red Light Sham

Hey, Big Brother, stop spying on us. Your red light cameras make none of us safer. As usual, it’s all about money. You can’t manage the gobs and gobs of dollars you already unjustly take from us, so you have to be creative in discovering new ways to get your greedy hands on even more … More Red Light Sham

Stuck in Traffic

There aren’t many things worse than being stuck in traffic, right? Well, unfortunately, the problem isn’t getting any better. As populations continue to grow, traffic only worsens. There doesn’t seem to be any solution in sight. What can we possibly do to solve the problem? Bring back travel by rail. Trains and streetcars could be … More Stuck in Traffic

A Miracle Indeed

On Tuesday, November 8th, we witnessed one of the greatest political achievements in American history. Despite having the book thrown at him, despite having every evil force united in opposition of him, Donald Trump still managed to win the presidency. To see the hand of God in this is only natural. Our beloved nation was … More A Miracle Indeed

How to Vote

While millions of Americans from every state in the union flock to the polls today, we will be explicitly casting a vote for the course we wish our nation to follow. But as soon as we step out of the voting booth, we will spend the rest of our day casting a thousand implicit votes … More How to Vote