Parenting Advice

Never give a command to your child that you are not prepared to enforce. Never give the same command to your child more than once. Children learn by testing their limits, and parents cannot allow them to push the bounds. The authority of parents is meant to represent the authority of God, and this is … More Parenting Advice

Man & Woman

If man was made from the slime of the earth, does it not follow that he will have a tendency towards earthly matters? If woman was made from the rib of man, does it not follow that she will have a tendency towards interpersonal matters? Does not man seek to subdue, conquer, and rule over … More Man & Woman

Nasty Junk?

The marital act is often referred to as “doing the nasty,” and sexual organs are often referred to as “junk.” Both of these disgusting and derogatory designations are definitely detrimental. The marital act is blessed and even commanded by God Himself. To call it “nasty” is to insult God’s creative plan. Sexual organs are also … More Nasty Junk?