Tied Down?

There are those in the world today who say that marriage should be postponed and even avoided in order to avoid becoming “tied down.” Liberty is our most prized possession, we are told, and to commit to a single, life-long spouse would be awfully detrimental. Now it is true that the married person does lose … More Tied Down?



Perhaps the most important thing to remember in a marriage is that both parties are on the same team. This means that when one party is upset with the other, he can do nothing that would damage his beloved teammate. An attack upon his teammate is an attack upon himself, and what kind of person … More Teamwork

Women in the Workforce

Full-time stay-at-home mothers were the norm throughout the first 5,900 years of man’s existence. Today, they’re an aberration. Some call this progress, but this writer does not. An anecdote to illustrate. A dear female friend spent many years prior to her marriage pursuing a professional career. Marriage was actually delayed for this purpose, but eventually … More Women in the Workforce