God and Francis

“God cannot be God without man,” Francis the Liberal tells us. But is this true? Does God really need man? Of course not. God is necessary being Who is every perfection to an infinite degree. To assert that God needs any created thing is to insinuate that He is not God. But why did God … More God and Francis

Victimless Crime?

You can do whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone, right? That’s what American freedom is all about, right? You are free to commit any terrible sin your heart desires provided others aren’t involved, right? Wrong, wrong, and wrong. There is no such thing as a victimless crime. Every human being is … More Victimless Crime?

The Slightest Sin

What is the slightest sin? Good question, but let’s just say that it’s stealing one penny. Now, how bad can this slightest of all sins really be? Is it honestly that big a deal if we steal a single penny? To what lengths should we go to avoid this slightest of all sins? Well, it … More The Slightest Sin

Homosexuals & Satanism

Occasionally, followers of the Natural Law struggle to explain why homosexual acts are so wrong. In fact, some so-called conservatives have given up altogether and now welcome homosexuality under the guise of tolerance. Perhaps a refresher is in order. When asked why homosexual acts between two consenting adults are wrong, many will answer simply, “Because … More Homosexuals & Satanism