Business & Charity

It seems that business largely consists of dealing with our fellow man. If someone has strong, interpersonal skills, he can most likely become a successful businessman. And what’s true in business is also true in our spiritual lives.¬†For the state of a man’s soul will largely depend upon his dealings with other men. God has … More Business & Charity

Merciful Hell?

As surprising as it may seem, the creation of hell was actually a great act of mercy on the part of God. He could have prepared a much greater torment for lost souls by forcing them to endure His presence without being permitted to enjoy it. But instead our good God mercifully chose to simply … More Merciful Hell?

Trials < Strength

A most consoling truth is the fact that man can never be tried beyond his means. Our infinitely wise God is also infinitely just, and it would be unjust for Him to permit trials that were greater than our strength to bear them. In other words, it is impossible for God to send us something … More Trials < Strength