Jumbled Thoughts


There is only one truth. There is only one belief system which professes this truth, and that is Christianity. All belief systems that are not Christianity are evils inspired by Satan. He is the father of lies, so his perverted belief systems will cause nothing but confusion. Adherents of Satan’s evil belief systems will hate each other, just as Satan hates his fellow members of hell. Satan’s evil belief systems are based on lies, which means that his followers really believe in nothing. (Lies are not things.) When someone believes in nothing, their beliefs are malleable. This means that non-Christians can adjust their beliefs to match any situation. Thus the confusion on what it actually means to be a Muslim. We sometimes hear that ISIS is not Islamic because the majority of their victims are Muslims. But what does it mean to be a Muslim? Nothing, because Muslims believe in lies, and again, lies are not things. There exists only good and evil, and everything that is not Christianity is evil. All belief systems that are not Christianity therefore share the same goal. So what does it matter if ISIS is Islamic or not? The group certainly isn’t Christian, and every non-Christian religion is essentially the same. They are all simply tools of Satan used to lead souls to hell. We also sometimes hear that Islamic terrorists are really not Islamic at all, but rather Wahhabists. How silly. Wahhabisim is Islam. Islam has no infallible voice to make binding pronouncements, so the father of lies will simply spread variations of an original lie in order to keep the confusion of his children running rampant. There is no real definition of what it means to be a Muslim because there is no real thing they believe in! Truly, there is no such thing as Islamism or any other non-Christian religion. Each of these evil, non-Christian belief systems are simply voids where Christianity should be. But for all intents and purposes, it is much easier to simply refer to man-made (Satan-made) religions by their given names. We must say, though, that all variations of Islam are in fact, still Islam. They are all rooted in the same lie which is nothing more than a blasphemy against the Blessed Trinity. How simple would life be if only man embraced the truth!


3 thoughts on “Jumbled Thoughts

  1. What you are saying is true. However I would also disagree that Catholicism is christianity. You can’t go to a Christian bookstore such as Lifeway and get Catholic materials or books. Catholicism is as much of a man-made religion as Islam. Any religion that does not rest solely on the Bible- God’s holy Word- or practices a religion not defined in the Bible is in fact a man-made and man centered religion.


    You have great articles and I like reading your blog as well and I’m not Catholic. Sometimes I wonder if you really are as much of what you say is actually true.

    1. Fantastic comment. Thank you for the kind words. It’s obvious you have a love for the truth, and that makes us teammates.

      Have you considered the reverse of your position? What if what the modern world terms Christianity is really anything but? You wonder if I am really Catholic, but why not wonder the reverse? What if I am the one who’s really Catholic, and the modernist “Catholics” have just stolen our identity?

  2. The book, “The REAL Heresy of Pope Francis–An Islamic Perspective from an ex-Catholic,” is now available, in PDF format, as a free read. The book was started on the 8th day of the Holy Month of Ramadan, and was finished on the last day of Ramadan, 2019, Al-Hamdulillah (All Praise is due to Allah).

    It is not a Twitter read. The book is 170 pages, 8.5″ by 11″ per page. Here is the link:

    Click to access The_Real_Heresy_of_Pope_Francis.pdf

    Consider including this Islamic perspective on Pope Francis’s heresies as part of the ongoing discussions occurring between Catholics regarding the heretic, Pope Francis. I hope people find the book interesting.

    Abubakr Ben Ishmael Salahuddin

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